Video is a medium I have experimented with over the years, but haven’t done a lot with in the past. I’m very much interested in expanding my use of the medium as a creative outlet and a way to expand my activism.

Pretend, It’s Easier That Way

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The Knockout

The Knockout is an Aboriginal rugby tournament held once a year. Teams from all around New South Wales (Australia) come together to compete. The event is an important social and cultural event. 

This short film follows the teams from La Perouse, NSW.

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School Photos – Cambodia

This program holds a special place for me because of a little Thai boy from Kut ta phet. In 2006 I took my first rural school photos in a small village in central Thailand. Realising that many of the childrens’ families could never afford to have a camera to photograph their children, I decided to take the opportunity and become a ‘school photographer’. That year, all the kids lined up and I photographed them one by one. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to meet all the kids at the school and engage with the community on another level. It was also a chance to use my skills as a photographer to contribute something of value to the people living in the area.

Just before returning a year later, I received terrible news that one of the boys at the school had tragically drowned in the local river. The school photo I took was the only photo his family had to remember him by. We were able to enlarge some photos and frame them for his grieving parents. I still think of that little boy and I’m grateful I was able to provide them with a photo for them to remember him by.

That year I photographed the kids at three of the local primary schools. 

When we began to sponsor schools in Cambodia, I was determined to continue the tradition of taking school photos, as I know many families in Cambodia would not otherwise have photos of their children.

Our School Photos Program is one of the many things Let’s Build a School is doing in Cambodia.

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