Meditations – drawings by Chris Gleisner


View at Ten Forty Seven
1047 Botany Road, Mascot
Sydney, Australia
from 6-21 Aug Fri-Sun
or by appointment.

Please contact:
for online purchases and enquiries.

*Unless otherwise indicated, framed works are not sold with glass/perspex or spacers.

Drawings without mat board will need to have spacers placed between the drawing and the glass/perspex to prevent the drawing from touching. We can provide a quote to have this done at cost or purchasers can have this done at a framer of their choice. 

Why most works are not exhibited in the show with glass/perspex.

  • The cost is prohibitive.

  • The environmental impact of producing glass/perspex and the likelihood of damage in storage for images that are not sold and need to be stored. 

  • Purchasers can decide if they prefer perspex, glass or non-reflective glass. The costs of each choice varies. We are happy to discuss options with purchasers.

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